Privacy Policy

Updated January 20, 2023


As required by the Guarantor this document has been written in an understandable and transparent manner using clear and simple language.


The people who work in Power Up Team and are part of the Doc Network have access to the data and work following the same principles of confidentiality and security. We are now going to look at some key elements:

  • who processes your data
  • what processing we do and why
  • your rights


Who processes your data

The data controller of your data is Doc Creativity Soc. Coop., Via L. Pirandello 31, Verona, and we manage your data according to the Privacy Code (Dlgs. 196/03) and the GDPR (EU Regulation 679/2016).


As written in the very first lines the people who work in Power Up Team and are part of the Doc Network have access to the data and work following the same principles of confidentiality and security.


We process your data at our offices and at any other place where the people and companies involved in the processing operate.


We have a DPO as part of the Doc Network and his email is [email protected].


The processing we do and why

The data that may be collected from the site will be finalized for two separate treatments:

  1. Contact Form Collection
  2. Collection via Contact Form


  1. Contact form collection

What is the purpose.

To render information upon your specific request, this purpose does not require your consent.

The data processed for this purpose, first name, last name e-mail, will not be stored or used for any other purpose or disclosed to third parties.


  1. Site Use (Analytics, Cookies and Retargeting)

Only with your explicit consent to activation from the site’s opening banner may we activate cookies that will also allow us to carry out advertising communication actions through your identification.

You will be able to activate the banner by clicking on Cookiebot’s banner link.


Use of Google Analytics

The site uses the Google Analytics tool in its latest version GA4 anonymizing user data, as it is not considered safe for now to transfer data to the USA (SCHREMS II ruling) we will have to ask you for explicit consent to activate cookies for this purpose and for transfer to the USA.

Regarding the Facebook Pixel it too is installed via Google Tag Manager and we need it to create audiences of people who have visited the site: of course, it is Facebook that has this information and we do not know exactly who is part of the audiences.



At certain times of the year, we do retargeting (or remarketing) campaigns, that is, we make sure that you see, for example on Facebook, advertising related to Urbanutopia or pages you have already visited.

Retargeting is possible through the use of specific cookies, which you are free to enable or leave disabled from the site’s opening banner.



Cookies are small text files that sites record in the memory of your device (computer, smarthpone etc.).

On this site, we use technical cookies to remember if we have informed you of the existence of cookies, or if we need to notify you that we use them and invite you to read this policy.

We also use third-party cookies, which you are free to turn on or leave off, to track your visit so that you may or may not see certain advertising campaigns (for example, on Facebook or while doing Google searches).


Your rights

It is important that you know what your rights are with regard to data processing.

You have the right to:

  • revoke consent at any time;
  • object to the processing of your data;
  • access your data and receive a copy of it;
  • verify the correctness of your data and request rectification, updating or correction;
  • obtain the restriction of processing;
  • obtain the deletion or removal of your data;
  • make a complaint to the relevant data protection supervisory authority (form downloadable from the page: or take legal action.