App in Virtual Reality (VR)

We develop immersive VR videogames to highlight and enhance cultural heritage.

We create immersive and content-rich virtual journeys that make accessible historical places, museums, archaeological sites or remote corners otherwise unreachable or inaccessible.

We take players back in time with interactive and realistic experiences in accurate and detailed virtual environments.

We collaborate with historians, archaeologists, artists and cultural institutions to ensure the historical accuracy and authenticity of our creations.

We turn tourism into pure emotional connection.


Allows you to take a journey through time

It increases the appeal of cultural heritage and brings a wide target audience closer together

It enables the handling and manipulation of valuable virtual objects

Overcome architectural barriers


  • 3D reconstructions of places and scenery from various eras

  • 3D reconstructions of objects that can be rotated and viewed from all sides and angles

  • Construction of an innovative avatar-based narrative (storytelling)

  • Smart maps that can be called up to quickly move from one room to another

Areas of Application

Tourism and cultural promotion


School 4.0


Preservation of cultural heritage

Promotion of parks, reserves and nature trails

Healthcare and Wellbeing