App Videogame AR

App Videogame AR

Promotion of cultural heritage

We create unique and immersive experiences where the virtual world merges with the real world through AR to enrich visitors' experiences during their visits to historical sites, museums, archaeological sites, and tourist attractions.

We provide information, stories and trivia related to the visited places and "bring back to life" historical figures and buildings or significant events of the past.

We create interactive AR activities and games (for example, a scavenger hunt) making the visit even more fun and memorable.

We take the real-world tourism experience to a whole new level.

AR for biodiversity

We develop augmented video game experiences in natural parks that enable users to appreciate the beauty and importance of natural ecosystems, increasing knowledge with in-depth information and encouraging positive actions to protect biodiversity.

We design quizzes and interactive activities in AR to make learning a fun experience for all ages.

We collaborate with biologists, botanists and other specialists to ensure the accuracy and richness of our creations.


Amplifies knowledge by overlaying digital content on the real world

Entrust characters or animated objects in AR with the storytelling and the game itself

Increase engagement and involvement of even the younger audience


  • QR codes and printable markers, or writings interpretable through OCR-form reader.

  • 3D reconstructions of buildings, environments, characters from the past, plants, animals, etc.

  • Puzzles, quizzes and minigames to test yourself with.

  • Interactive map that allows the user to orient themselves during the visit by showing the location of places of interest and overlaying visual information on the screen.

  • Information about upcoming events or nearby activities.

  • Free exploration in a "POKEMON GO!" style, in search of treasures or collectible creatures.

Areas of Application

Tourism and cultural promotion



Promotion of parks, reserves and nature trails

School 4.0

Marketing and Advergames