Digital Twin

Digital Twin

Videogame Digital Twin

We highlight and valorize cultural heritage by designing and developing Videogame Digital Twin and combining the digitization of a real place with the simplicity, freedom and communicative power of video games.


Qualitatively impeccable digitization of an explorable real place

Can be used for educational, cultural, informational, communicative and promotional purposes

Increases engagement and involvement of younger people as well


  • Construction of the Digital Twin of a place through the use of altimetry, volumetry, digital mapping, LIDAR data, DTM data, DBTR data

  • Using state-of-the-art AI-based photogrammetry software, we collect extremely detailed photogrammetric data in a very short period of time

  • Narrative component, entrusted with a story, characters and dialogue

  • Characters with clothes in dynamic 3D fabrics

  • Multilingual textual and audio insights

  • Multiplayer (i.e. multi-user) game functionality based on a cooperative, competition or contest mode

Areas of Application

Tourism and cultural promotion

Fashion and design


Promotion of parks, reserves and nature trails

Preservation of cultural heritage

Our products

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