Work with us

Are you a videogame industry professional, from junior to senior level?
Join us and let’s develop videogames together aimed at the international market and public administration.

We are part of the Doc Creativity cooperative in which we offer the benefits and protection of being an employee while having the freedom of a freelancer.
So that we can ensure that each worker can focus on his or her work without having to deal with, for example, administration, accounting or the search for new business.

Join a vast network of game developers and companies, our aim is to foster connections and synergies between cooperative members and the various institutions within it. Creating a dialogue between the many aspects and specializations of videogame production, to make the best use of your know-how.

Benefits of a Cooperative?

Joining in a Cooperative in Italy can offer several advantages over working as a freelancer:

Social Security

Members can benefit from social security, including sickness, work accident insurance, and access to pension and healthcare systems.

Professional Growth

We offer opportunities for professional growth and development through in-house training, mentorship and collaboration with colleagues.

Work Stability

We give priority to finding jobs for the cooperative members. Taking care of project research and offering greater job stability.

Access to Complex Projects

Cooperatives can achieve more complex or larger projects by combining members' skills.

Fiscal Benefits

We offer tax benefits to members by reducing the individual tax burden.

Power Up for your projects

Have you developed your own videogame?

You can promote it under the umbrella of Power Up Team projects, which will be present at major industry fairs and trade shows, both national and international. Branding and team control remain entirely in your hands, at the same time you will be supported by an organizational and administrative structure that will make your projects empowered by Power Up Team.