Physical Simulator

Physical Simulator

Bicycle and Scooter

We offer physical bicycle and scooter simulators for new immersive experiences.

Healthcare - Sport - Simulatore Fisico Monopattino


Allows you to ride a bicycle or scooter along virtualized roads.

It also allows exploration of places that are otherwise inaccessible or closed to the public.

Weather is not an impediment to discovery.


  • Free exploration among the streets of a place faithfully reconstructed virtually.

  • Possibility of choosing among different guided 3D itineraries.

  • Addition of videogame elements, such as a treasure hunt to discover hidden corners of a known place.

  • Useful contents to learn more about the historical and artistic sights along the way.

  • Possibility to collect bonus points in order to unlock new routes, places of interest, bicycle models, etc.

Areas of Application

Tourism and cultural promotion


Promotion of parks, reserves and nature trails

Preservation of cultural heritage